Global Key Account Pricing

Global Key Account Pricing

Global key accounts buy from you in different countries around the world. Very often at different prices, terms and conditions in each country. What happens when the buyer(s) then start asking you about why their net net price is lower in one country than another, for the same or similar product or service? Trouble! At RevBeam we help you with better management and optimization of prices to such global key accounts. This includes:

  • Making a consistent strategy across all markets for how to deal with such key accounts
  • Constructing price structures, as well as terms&conditions systems that allow for better management and optimization of prices, including having different prices where it makes sense for your business
  • Establishing processes for how to work internally, as a united front, with such global key accounts
  • Price analytics and KPIs specifically targeted at optimizing pricing with such key accounts

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RevBeam provides companies with capabilities to optimize prices, discounts and rebates through software, expertise and market research.


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