Optimize Prices, Discounts and Rebates

Pricing expertise at your finger tips. World-class pricing department software as well as revenue management software.

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Your Virtual Pricing Organization

RevBeam helps companies of all types to achieve superior pricing through a combination of pricing software and access to pricing experts.

RevBeam services

Pricing Expertise

We can help you with pricing strategy, pricing models, price optimization, terms & conditions systems, market pricing, value pricing and many other aspects that add value to your pricing approach.

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Pricing Department Online

Do you and your colleagues work together on pricing topics. Using our cloud-based pricing department software, you can collaborate and manage pricing projects both inside the pricing team and across functional lines, such as with pricing, marketing, sales or finance.

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Pricing Circle

In Pricing Circle you get access to chat with our global group of pricing experts as well as discuss pricing topics with peers in private discussion groups.

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About Us

RevBeam provides companies with capabilities to optimize prices, discounts and rebates through software, expertise and market research.


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